Internet Goodies and Great Books

I just thought that I’d try and point out to people some sweet stuff that has given me inspiration lately.

1. First off is a treat for people who enjoy origami. Check out the “moneygami” at the A.R.T. blog for incredible stuff made by folding money bills. There are also some links to other badass origami over there.

2. There is an interesting talk by Larry Lessig over at about “How creativity is being strangled by the law” worth checking out.

3. Be sure to check out a couple of Die Gestalten‘s recent releases. In particular the amazing Illusive 2 (the sequel to equally good Illusive), which is gives an unsurpassed overview of the best of contemporary illustration worldwide. Also take a look at Supersonic for some snazzy album cover artwork.

4. Finally you should check out modart magazine if you have a chance.


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