Student life is soon but a memory

I handed in my Final Major Project yesterday! That feels so good! I’ve really enjoyed it, but it’s been going on for so long and taken so much time that I am really pleased to be finished with it now. I’m really happy with the final outcome as well. I’ve had some really good response on it already and hopefully my examiners will like it as well.

The subject of my project was Norse Mythology and you will be seeing some of the pieces up here on this site pretty soon. I wanted to (re)interpret these old fascinating myths in a contemporary style in my illustrations, much in the same way as Die Gestalten Verlag have done with fairy tales in recent publications. I’m aware that similar treatments have been given to the more well known Greek/Roman myths and felt that the time was right for rejuvenating their Scandinavian counterpart.

My exhibition in London went really well by the way and hopefully it won’t be the last time. I exhibited a short animated piece. I really love the Shoreditch area, and I’m contemplating moving there later this year. This is me in front of my piece at the gallery:

PS. Sorry for the long break in my posting. I’ve been busy as you can tell and I promise it won’t be as long till next time I post something here.


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