Norwegian Punk

The book I designed in the summer, “Tre grep og sannheten – Norsk punk 1977–1980” (translates: Three chords and the truth – Norwegian punk 1977–1980), was released on 27 September and has had a lot of attention in the Norwegian press and media. Links to some of the reviews and interviews with the author, Trygve Mathiesen, are provided below:

Aftenposten: Solid grep om punken

Oslopuls Anarki i Oslo
Dagbladet: Forakten for samfunnet
Morgenbladet: Mytebygging
NRK Nett-TV: Store Studio (interview with Trygve Mathiesen)
ABCNYHETER: Arkeologi og kaos

The book can be ordered from Vega forlag’s web-shop.

Below are a few sample images of the book (I’ll put up some better ones in the portfolio section soon).


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