I just got an email yesterday saying:

“Please exuse the group email, but I just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that your artwork has been selected to appear in the Computer Arts Graduate Showcase 2007. Congratulations, this is a fantastic achievement.”

I’m pretty excited about that! I don’t know what pieces they will feature, I sent a few different things. The magazine will be in shops on 7 June. Go pick it up!

Yesterday was also the day I handed in the last project of my entire degree, so the only thing left now are graduation exhibitions at the Arts Institute and at D&AD New Blood 25 – 27 June, and the graduation ceremony itself.

I will be posting a series of six images created for my project on Norse Mythology, starting with the cover illustration tomorrow, with a new image following every 3 days.

Some sun would be nice, but otherwise all is well.


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